In 2010 Alicia`s House fed 4403 families, 15,401 people, anddistributed 150,358 pounds of food. They were able to do this because of the celebrities, local businesse sand individuals that supported their annual event. This year with the economy the way it is Juan Hernandez ofAlicia`s House states that he has noticed an increase of over 48% in the amount of individuals they are helping. Alicia`sHouse is completely supported by donations from individuals, businesses, and the various fundraisers. All of the money raised will go to feed the hungry and support the pantry. Alicia`s House Food Pantry is 100% Non-profit.

9/19/11 – NBC’s “The Talk”- Chicago, IL

9/19/11 – WGN- Chicago, IL

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Direct: (323) 570-1328


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